Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Things to do in a Post Google Algorithmic Change Scenario

The only thing that remains constant in SEO is the change. It’s due to the changing technologies, especially the Google’s algorithmic changes. According to several report, there are about 500-600 minor changes made in Google algorithm every year. About 2 – 3 major changes are also made per annum. The most recent major algorithmic changes are ‘Possum’ and ‘Penguin 4.0’. Both these changes are the hot topics of discussion in SEO community.

With major algorithmic changes, it is pretty normal to get anxious and overreact, which only makes things go in even more wrong direction. There are a few guidelines that you can take into consideration in order to avoid getting into self-implode mode.

Panicking only makes things worse
Since Google doesn’t share full information about any major algorithmic update, getting indulged into mental stress and thinking of reacting quickly in that state of mind can be very dangerous. We can take recent Penguin update as an example. Ahead of the update launch, Google shared some details about the update. The details had only two things to explain, i.e. the Penguin would be real time and it would be granular. After the release of these details, there were speculations made across SEO community. Some guessed right and other drew wrong conclusions. And all this mind work was for nothing for majority of people.

Take your time to make strategies
When you don’t panic, you make right decisions. The best decision immediately after the launch of update is to wait. Because, if you would react immediately, there is a mighty chance that you will end up making wrong moves due to the fact that you don’t know very much about the update. Moreover, if you are abiding Indianapolis SEO rules set by Google, you are definitely not going to get penalized.

The purpose behind every update is to improve the user experience. Google strives only to give most appropriate and valuable answers to the searchers. If you and Google are on the same page in this perspective, you may even see your website’s rank improved after the update. Keep it in mind; every Google update primarily targets the black-hat SEO procedures.

Hence, it would be in your best interest to wait for a few days after the update and then analyze things. You will be able to know what impact that update has left on your site.

Making Adjustments
After you have waited for a considerable time, now it’s the time to react. Nevertheless, where to start is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Start with reading Google Webmaster’s Blog that explains recent updates. Read the blog to find out in what way the update makes impact. If your website is hit by the update, you will definitely be able to find the reason in that blog. You can use that information to make necessary adjustments.

Again, a major update is an undesirable entity in SEO community. However, you have got nothing to worry about if you are doing SEO only the right way.